Month: August 2017

Prescription for HSA Success

” . . . Employers who set realistic and appropriate expectations, approach an HSA program strategically and make subtle adjustments in key variables as they receive employee feedback (through actual enrollment decisions or survey results) experience the best outcomes.” By William G. (Bill) Stuart Director of Strategy and Compliance August 31, 2017 Employee satisfaction with.. Read more

Let’s Play “Fear Factor: FSA”

“The real fear should be low elections that participants spend well before the end of the plan year. In that case, participants have no forfeited balances, but they lose money by paying for eligible items with after-tax funds once they exhaust their low elections. Psychologically, not gaining something (additional tax advantages, which result in more.. Read more

What Now?

“It’s unclear how the administration will act, given the mixed signals. The president wants medical insurance reform to be his major initial domestic legislative victory, which is still possible but less and less likely. At the same time, he’s done nothing to build a case for the GOP alternative. . . “ William G. (Bill).. Read more