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Expanding HSAs

“Giving more Americans with high medical, dental, and vision expenses more opportunities to pay less for these services should be a priority that every American, and member of Congress, can support.” William G. (Bill) Stuart Director of Strategy and Compliance June 7, 2018 The Health Savings Account industry, represented by the American Bankers Association HSA.. Read more

The Advantages of an HSA

“These are the benefits of HSAs of which we must never lose sight…  HSAs provide huge advantages to families of more moderate means, particularly as vehicles to build ‘rainy day’ medical savings and as a means to reduce the financial impact medical bills pose to family budgets.” William G. (Bill) Stuart Director of Strategy and.. Read more

Four Books to Challenge You

“We can’t continue to choose “none of the above” – that’s not a plan. It’s a $3 trillion copout.” William G. (Bill) Stuart Director of Strategy and Compliance February 1, 2018 Your high school English teacher probably told you that there’s no difference between those who can’t read and those who don’t. And he or.. Read more

The QSEHRA Opportunity

President Obama signs the 21st Century Cures Act. Employers: Are you willing to share your expertise with other benefits professionals? Healthcare Trends Institute, a leader in analyzing and disseminating information about employee benefits, is seeking input. You can find more information and the link to a five-minute survey here. “QSEHRAs give employers a fourth option:.. Read more

How Well Do You Know Health FSAs?

By William G. (Bill) Stuart Director of Strategy and Compliance Dec. 22, 2016 Health FSAs are pretty well understood by employers and benefit advisors. They’ve been in place since federal tax reform and have changed little during the intervening three decades. For that reason, Health FSA participation hasn’t grown much in recent years. The only.. Read more

Rebuilding Healthcare

By William G. (Bill) Stuart Director of Strategy and Compliance November 23, 2016 What do this month’s national election results mean for healthcare in 2017 and beyond? We’ll have some solid answers soon enough. Healthcare is likely to be on the agenda for early action when the 115th Congress convenes in early January and President-elect.. Read more