Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Transit and Parking Reimbursement Accounts, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees

Benefit Strategies, LLC is excited to offer both Transit and Parking benefits to eligible employees of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! We have added an enrollment form on this site that employees can submit via email directly to Benefit Strategies, which can be accessed by clicking the Election Change button below.


The enrollment form allows for Transit and/or Parking election changes. The form takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete and is designed to be extremely user-friendly. Since both Transit and Parking are payroll funded accounts, there are deadlines each month which are necessary in order to make changes to be effective for the following month. We have included a link next to each benefit with a schedule of when each month’s deadline to enroll will occur. Please see the FAQ link for answers to other important and frequently asked questions.

If you are filing a paper claim for reimbursement or sending any type of other correspondence, please use any of the following methods which you see fit:

Contact us: 1-877-353-9442


Follow our biweekly HSA GPS blog so we can work in collaboration on HSA administration.

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