Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
Graduate-Credit Harvard Courses
Section I: Employee Information
Last Name:
First Name:
Harvard Identification Number (HUID):
Work Telephone:
Home Telephone:
Mobile Telephone:
Email Address:
Address Line 1: Home Mailing Both
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
City, State, Zip:
Current Position/Job Title:
Section II: Course Information
Credit Type:
Credit Hours:
Course Title:
Course Number:
Course Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy):
Course End Date (mm/dd/yyyy):
Course Cost (Tuition):
TAP Fee (Amount paid by student):
Date Paid (mm/dd/yyyy):
Section III: Job-Relatedness and Approval Information
IRS standard of job-relatedness: the course must help maintain or improve skills required for the employee’s current job or be required by Harvard or by law as a condition of employment in the employee’s current job. (Courses that are needed to meet the minimum education required for the employee’s current job, or that are part of a program of study that will qualify the employee for a new trade or business, do not meet the IRS standard of job relatedness.)  See IRS Pub. 970 (Ch. 11-12) or Pub. 15-B (Ch. 2)  for more information.
I understand tuition benefits above $5,250 in a calendar year for graduate-credit courses are subject to tax reporting and withholding unless the course meets the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) standard of job relatedness. I have read and understand the IRS standard of job-relatedness.
Course meets IRS Standard of Job-Relatedness:
Yes (You must complete Section IV)
No (Skip to Section V. Tuition in excess of $5,250 in a calendar year will be subject to tax reporting and    withholding.)
Section IV: Job-Relatedness Attestation
What job-related skills will be learned:
Were you enrolled in a Graduate Program before July 1, 2019:
Immediate Supervisor Name:
Immediate Supervisor's Signature:
By signing below, I certify that I have read and understand the IRS standard of job-relatedness outlined above, that the information provided on this form is accurate, and that the course meets the IRS standard for job-relatedness. I understand that this form may be subject to internal and external audit.
Section V: Instructor Approval Information
(if required by the Registrar's Office)
Instructor Name:
Instructor Signature:
Section VI: Employee Confirmation
I have read and agree to all terms and conditions outlined in the Harvard University Tuition Program Policy. I both acknowledge and agree my digital signature below represents my compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in said policies.
Staff Member Name:
IMPORTANT: After pressing the SUBMIT button, there will be a link which you must click on to view your completed TAP form. This will be the only opportunity you have to print the form for the required signatures. Once ALL required signatures have been obtained, please follow the instructions in step 3 on the landing page to finalize your claim.