Individual-Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA)

Welcome to our ICHRA information page. Here we provide detailed information on the role Benefit Strategies can play for employers making the decision to offer nongroup medical coverage with an ICHRA. Our ICHRA pricing is also provided. In the event you move forward with Benefit Strategies administering your ICHRA, we have a slide deck template you can complete and use for employee education. Please read through all of the information. When you are ready to move forward with implementation of our ICHRA Documents Only service, or our full ICHRA administration service, please click on the applicable link in the Ready to Begin Implementation area.

If you still have questions after reading through the information on this page, please email them to sales@benstrat.com.

What you need to know

Benefits advisors and employers should understand that moving to nongroup medical coverage results in the unbundling of many services that are either unnecessary or provided by insurers in the employer-sponsored coverage model. Benefit Strategies fills in a few of these gaps, but responsibility for the other services – including setting the value of the employer contribution to premium, educating employees about how to shop for coverage, following up with employees who haven’t purchased coverage, and collecting information on employees’ premiums and sources of coverage – are outside the scope of services that Benefit Strategies offers.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions from benefits advisors and employers.


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