Calculate Your FSA Tax Savings

By completing the following information, you can calculate your annual reimbursable expenses.

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Healthcare Expenses for you and your dependents (annual estimates)

Chiropractic $
Deductibles $
Dental checkups $
Doctor visits and co-pays $
Eye exams & surgery $
Fillings/crowns $
Glasses/contacts/solutions $
Orthodontia $
Prescribed medical supplies/equipment $
Prescription drugs $
Psychiatric or Psychologist's fees $
Travel to doctor or hospital $
Weight-loss programs
(associated with a specific disease).
Other $
Total $

Dependent Day Care Expenses (annual estimates)

Before and after school care $
Care of child over age 13 $
Elder daycare $
Summer day camps $
Other $
Total $

Total Expenses

Total Healthcare Expenses
(IRS 2021 Health FSA max contribution is $2,750)
Total Dependent Care Expenses
(IRS Dependent Care FSA max contribution is $5,000 per family)
Total Annual Expenses $
Annual Tax Savings (approximately 25%) $
Estimated Savings Amount Per Paycheck $

Please note: Tax savings amounts are estimated. Please contact your tax advisor for savings amounts specific to your household earnings.