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What is COBRA?

COBRA is an acronym that stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985. This federal law allows employees the right to continue participating in their group health insurance coverage after leaving their job. COBRA gives participants, who would otherwise lose coverage as a result of certain events, the opportunity to temporarily continue their group health care coverage under their employer’s plan on a self pay basis.

How can Benefit Strategies help?

Benefit Strategies, LLC is the billing entity for qualified beneficiaries who enroll through COBRA while the insurance carrier still oversees the coverage aspect of benefits. We are the advocate to ensure appropriate notifications are provided, process elections, bill and record premium payments to ensure paid in full. We notify COBRA participants of plan and rate changes when health plans renew as well as notifying insurance carriers of the enrollment changes. We are here to help you through the process of all the necessary COBRA/HIPAA administration.

Between our Certified COBRA Administrators and our software vendor, we support employees, employers and your Human Resources staff through our COBRA/HIPAA administration process. Employers have access to our online system at any time to enter the information needed to generate letters to new plan members and qualified beneficiaries, check the status and information of their existing COBRA participants and generate a wide variety of reports. Our staff is certified, dedicated and ready to assist everyone with commonly asked questions and concerns regarding COBRA along with confirming their account activity and status.


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